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Carillon System Scheduler Program

The BRG play scheduler is the heart of the carillon.  The scheduler can be configured to play for ten years without any further adjustments, all the while accurately striking hour chimes, and playing appropriate songs for each season, including special play on Sunday and other important days and dates.

Scheduler Features

  • Automatic seasonal play with season dates automatically calculated for each year
  • Favorite songs may be played more often
  • Random seasonal song play for a selected amount of time
  • Songs automatically change with the seasons.
  • Holiday arithmetic supported, for example Easter minus two days or Christmas minus 12 days.  Easter is automatically determined every year.
  • Play date ranges
  • Special play schedules for Sunday morning and other days.
  • An unlimited amount of schedule play per day
  • Any combination of days of the week
  • Multiple plays per song
  • Volume override to adjust the volume of specific songs
  • Automatically calculates the phase of the moon to determine when Easter is every year, as well as related holidays
  • Accurate scheduled play for the life of the system
  • Songs from CD’s may be copied to the song library
  • Live audio may be recorded and added to the song library
  • Over 2,000 bells, hymns and tolls included
  • Radio remote control supported with a range from 200-600 feet through walls.
  • Amplifier control supported to extend the life of the audio power amplifier
  • On-screen indication when a song or play group is scheduled to play
  • Individual songs or groups of songs may be scheduled
  • The seasonal song lists are configurable
  • Westminster Chimes can be configured to meet your specific needs
  • Periodic tolls
  • On screen help
  • Song schedule storage is unaffected by power outages.
  • Automatically adjusts for daylight saving time, and daylight saving time can be disabled.
  • Songs are encoded with standard MP3 format, including AES128 encryption and encoding for song file identification stamping.  Any standard MP3 file may be added to the song library.

Scheduler Defaults

The BRG Carillon Bell System Scheduler comes preprogrammed with hourly chimes ringing from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and a seasonal selection set to play at noon Mon –Sat. and at 6 p.m. Mon-Sun. Anything with a green dot or plus sign beside it is ACTIVE.  These default selections will play until such time as you change or cancel them. This is the default play schedule unless a different one is requested when you ordered the system.


Controlling Inside and Outside Play Settings

By default, the BRG Carillon Bell System will play on both the “inside” and “outside” speakers. All new entries will also play by default on both speakers. By checking the boxes on the Song Schedule screen, you can configure your indoor/outdoor selections as shown at right.

The Carillon System has the ability to be configured to play to two different zones that we designate as “inside” and “outside.” The way this is accomplished is by utilizing the two audio output channels from the computer--they are the “left” channel and the “right” channel. The “outside” zone is played on the “left” channel while the “inside” zone is played on the “right channel.”

Most of our Carillon customers only use the system to play “outside.” For this reason, we made the default settings so that both the “inside” and “outside” speakers are checked; that way, if you inadvertently connect the “inside” line to the amplifier it will still play “outside.”

Seasonal Groups

Each of the categories listed in the Seasonal Groups contains songs pertaining to that particular season/holiday.

The General Worship Seasonal Group must be the last group in the list. You can change out the songs in this group to ones that are better suited for your organization.

The Seasonal Group Default Settings - There are default active calendar date settings for each of the Seasonal Groups which you can use or change at your discretion. Each physical day of the week is also checked, which tells your Carillon to sound daily during the specified dates of a Seasonal Group.

Advanced Seasonal Play

The advance seasonal play allows you to create and schedule you own play lists.  You can also add and delete songs from any predefined group.

Activating the Songs using the Remote Control

Songs can be assigned a "Remote Control Number" in the scheduling software.  This allows you to assign up to 999 songs or play-lists to be activated with the remote control.

The remote control can also be used to stop any song that is currently playing.


This product is for sale in the United States only.

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