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CBS6000 Carillon Bell System

The BRG digital electronic Carillon (Kare-uh-lawn) Bell System includes everything needed to reproduce the beautiful sound of real cast bells and chimes.

The Premium all-in-one PC includes solid state storage, with far greater reliability than older electro-mechanical disk drives.  The large 20 inch display makes bell scheduling a breeze. The comprehensive bell bell schedule software is far more than a schedule timers.  The program automatically determines the dates of holidays, such as Easter and makes adjustments as needed.  Switching between daylight savings time and standard time is automatic.  The system will automatically maintain the correct time for the life of the system.  No network connection or radio receivers are required to maintain accurate time.  The system can be configured to play for ten years, accurately playing music appropriate for the season, without any further intervention.

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CBS6000 Features:

  • All-in-One Desktop PC with solid state disk storage
  • 3,200 Watt BRG 2 Channel Switching Class-D Power Amplifier
  • Four, 800 Watt Capacity, Quad-flute Outdoor Speakers
  • BRG Amplifier Relay with Remote Receiver and PC time synchronizer
  • Radio remote control
  • 250 ft of speaker wire
  • Comprehensive Windows Scheduling Program
  • Digital Recordings of over 2,000 bells, hymns and tolls
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The multi-function amplifier control module extends the life of the amplifier, provides radio remote control and includes a PC time synchronizer to maintain accurate system time for the life of the system.

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The professional two-channel, bridgeable, digital switching amplifier.  The professional digital switching audio power amplifier is capable of supplying up to 3,200 Watts of audio to the outdoor speakers.  The amplifier runs cool even during continuous operation.  

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Outdoor Speakers - The BRG CBS6000 Carillon includes four, 800 Watt capacity long range, quad-flute horn speakers with a total capacity of 3,200 Watts.  BRG Speakers will accurately reproduce the sound of heavy cast bells.  Most competing products offer single driver speakers with 50-100 Watt drivers.  The BRG custom designed quadruple redundant speaker driver system increases reliability and range.  Furthermore, the drivers are less likely to be damaged at higher power levels compared to competing single driver products.  The quad-flute horn design improves sound quality at high power levels.  Each speaker includes a swivel mounting bracket.  The speakers can be directly exposed to the elements.

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BRG offers the most powerful amplifiers in the industry.  The reason is not simply to produce higher volume, but rather to accurately reproduce the sound of the heavy cast bells.  A log of energy is required to reproduce the sound of the bells weighing thousands of pounds.  If the amplifier is under-powered, the lighter bells with over shadow the heavy bells.




  • All-in-One Desktop PC
  • 3,200 Watt Power Amplifier
  • Four, 800 Watt Capacity, Quad-flute Outdoor Speakers
  • BRG Amplifier Relay
  • Radio remote control
  • Windows Scheduling Program
  • Digital Recordings
  • Free Shipping


Same as the CBS6000 except it only comes with two 800 Watt Speakers



Same as the CBS6000 except it does not come with any speakers or speaker wire



Same as the CBS6000 except it does not come with the 3,200 Watt power amplifier, speakers or speaker wire


Price $4,185.00
Price $3,195.00
Price $2,495.00

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