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Customer Testimonials
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The sound of cast bells is most inspiring as it echoes off nearby buildings. I was pleasantly surprised when the factory sent us additional CD’s to expand the bell library. Just as your advertising indicated, there was no charge for the additional bell recordings. In fact, I mentioned that I would like to have some change-ringing bells. Not only did you locate a CD containing change-ringing bells from England; you sent it to us at no charge. May the Lord be with you.” Union City, NJ

“We located carillon speakers across the entire college campus. Since the BRG carillon is able to play any commercial CD, we placed some contemporary music in the schedule lineup. These new CD’s became an instant hit with the students. While we mostly ring bells and play hymns, a little variety was just what we needed. In addition, the accuracy of the clock chimes is much appreciated. We now ring the chimes to signal class change. Thanks for all your help in setting up our carillon.” Orange City, IA

“It’s easy to operate. All I had to do was call the factory toll-free and tell them how I wanted the bells to ring. They connected directly to the carillon over the telephone line and configured the play schedule I wanted in just minutes.” Proctorville, Ohio

“We promptly installed the carillon. It worked great, but we wanted to cover a larger area, so we requested the next larger amplifier. You shipped us the larger amplifier as requested. Thank you for picking up the shipping charges." Muscatine, IA

“We requested information from five different carillon companies. We decided to go with BRG due to a combination of quality and price. Now that the system is operational, we are very pleased with our decision to go with the BRG Carillon. We have received many complimentary telephone calls about the bells.” La Crosse, WI

“We decided to give your carillon a try at our Lutheran Church. As you’re aware, we already had speakers left over from the old system, so installation was easy. At the conclusion of the thirty-day free trial, there was no doubt the congregation approved of the carillon. We underestimated the effect of the carillon bells. It has been instrumental in bringing people to church. We are extremely satisfied with the purchase and have had absolutely no trouble with the system.” Creston, IL

“ We are now enjoying the latest CD of carillon bells you recently sent us. We especially like the variety of cast bells available.” Bossier City, LA

“The carillon has proven to be the vehicle with which to call all parishioners and neighbors to join in celebration. Your quick response to our questions about operating the carillon are appreciated.” Barstow, CA

“The BRG Carillon works very well with our existing amplifier and speakers. The upgrade to a full digital bell system was not as expensive as we originally thought it would be. We checked with other vendors and were pleasantly surprised to find your company could provide a system with many features that no other company offered. In addition, the BRG system was the least expensive system available.” Gothenburg, NE

“The carillon reliably chimes the hour here at the Dallas Theological Seminary. People rely on the accuracy of the hourly chimes. I want to personally thank you for the additional CD’s you sent. I scheduled many of the new hymns to play as soon as I receive the CD’s.” Dallas, TX

“I wasn’t sure if we would use the remote control at first. I’m now glad that it came standard with the carillon as we use it every Sunday to play hymns as the conclusion of service. It has effectively doubled the use of the carillon.” Rockford, IL

“Cost was a lessor consideration for us. We searched for a quality system that would provide a variety of cast bells. We certainly found what I was looking for in your carillon. We weren’t sure which bells would be acceptable to the congregation. We now use a variety of bells in our ring schedule. I am most appreciative of the prompt and courteous manner in which you responded to our inquiries. I hope companies take notice of your excellent business practices. ” Buford, GA

“For myself, let me say that I was extremely impressed by the system, both with the design and the flexibility. I was mostly impressed that you were the ONLY vendor that made any Christian reference.” Berwyn, IL

“We continually receive positive comments about the beautiful carillon. When the city leaders, on short notice, recently asked us to play hymns in conjunction with the holiday celebrations, I immediately called BRG for assistance. Not only did you assist with the new play schedule; you called back after hours to be sure the carillon was performing as desired. You attention to detail is most appreciated. Of course, the bells rang as intended and we received many positive comments about the special program.” Winnfield, LA

“I find your carillon to be very easy to use. The full screen display is so much easier than the small display employed by our old system. There is simply no comparison between the sound of our old tape system and the new digital carillon. I especially like the English tuned swinging bells that we use to call the congregation to worship. Dodge City, KS

“I really like our new carillon bell system, and I’m not alone. One neighbor called to tell us how much she enjoyed the bells. She said she loves the variety of music and said she hasn’t heard the same hymn twice since it’s been playing.”
East Hartford, CT

“I was surprised to receive the update to our carillon so quickly after our suggestion of adding sequential play to seasonal play feature. Within a week of making the suggestion, we had the new schedule program operational, and it works great. The uncommonly good service you provide is appreciated. Keep up the great work.” Lakeview, MI

“The bells have been reliably striking the hour since we installed it. I’m glad you pay special attention to the accuracy of the carillon’s clock. The congregation and others rely of the bells striking the correct hour, which reflect favorably on our church.” Houston, TX

“Since you were able to ship the carillon on short notice, we were able to have beautiful bells ringing just in time for the Christmas Season. I especially enjoy the crisp, clear sounds of the swinging bells. I found operating the carillon to be much easier than expected. Your telephone support is most helpful.” Blooming Grove, NY

“When I asked for a few more Catholic hymns, I was surprised when you sent nearly a hundred new hymns. I thank you for listening to our suggestions. I can’t begin to tell you how much the bells have improved the overall spirit of the congregation. Thanks again for responding to our needs so quickly.” Tivoli, TX

“We were very pleased with the quality of the carillon cabinet. However, once placed next to the organ, we realized that we chose the wrong color. When I ordered a replacement cabinet in the right color, I was amazed that you offered to pickup the freight charges for replacing the cabinet. This kind of service is rare indeed.” Sergeant Bluff, IA

“During a key part of our Sunday worship service, we dim some lights and bring up a spot light. Previously, we had one person
designated to perform this task. However, when that person was absent, the service was somewhat disrupted because it didn’t go as expected. Now, we use the carillon to automatically control this lighting. I can schedule the light change to occur in advance or I can simply press one button on the remote control. I didn’t even realize these devices existed until saw your carillon bell system. By the way, the bells and chimes sound great and have worked flawlessly since we installed them. ” Aransas Pass, TX

“I wanted to install the carillon in time for Easter. Because you shipped the system the same day we ordered it, we were able to enjoy the bells during Easter. Thank you so much for your prompt service and for the help in configuring our play schedule.” Barstow, CA

“The sound of the carillon is absolutely inspiring. I am constantly receiving complements about the sound of the bells.” Pensacola, FL “The bells are clear and authentic. One member of our congregation was surprised to learn they were electronic bells.” Dayton, PA

We decided to purchase the BRG carillon after the first day of the 30 day trial period. There was no doubt the carillon exceeded our expectations. It’s been reliably chiming the hour and calling the congregation to worship ever since.” Arlington, VA
“The carillon was easy to assemble. We had it playing in literally minutes after receiving it. We plan to connect one sound channel to the interior speaker system to take full advantage of the carillon. Thank you for you for all your help.” Hanover Park, IL


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